Welcome to a WFRP veteran’s Weblog…

Welcome to this “blog”. It’s mainly about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP). This is not a typical weblog where I write about about my personal gaming experiences.

This WFRP weblog will be filled with news in a number of categories.

One of them will be “WFRP Web Radar” where I will report changes of certain WFRP web sites that report their updates here. I will contact the owners of web sites that got under my radar

Another one will be “WFRP review zone” where I will write short summaries and reviews of what I think of WFRP material that can be downloaded from the net or bought.

I do have a couple of other ideas that I am playing with. I will write about them when they get more concrete…

Oliver Rosenkranz    —  WFRP veteran and owner of http://www.wfrp.de