Zoom in on the Empire

Hi folks,

I am very sorry, that my life kept me from doing any updates for this blog.

I did some experimenting on zooming in and out of WFRP maps and found a cool’n’easy (!) way for everybody to use this.

You can find out what I did within a few minutes if you visit this web page:


I would love to hear your comments on this blog and I would even more love to inspire you to use it in your own way.


2 thoughts on “Zoom in on the Empire

  1. Welly well. I hadn’t visited this site in a long time, but as soon as I did, there was an update 🙂

    Nice little tool you found there. Yes, zooming and scrolling are easy, and the scolling “after movement” is a nice touch.

    BTW, I used Firefox and it worked perfectly for me. Even the full screen button in the image.

  2. For my personal use, I created an offline version of The Empire with the web-published maps of the following cities:

    Erendgrad, Praag, Kislev, Middenheim, Dotternbach, Talabheim, Salzenmund, Wurtbad

    If you deep-zoom onto one of those cities, you can further deep-zoom into the city map.

    Note: No, this is not a feature of the online version of the map. All of those maps are copyright material and I do not have the permission to do this. So, I do not publish that version nor do I forward this to other people. But, you can download those maps from the web and easily do it by yourself. This is VERY EASY stuff with excellent results.


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