New it is, but is it grittier, too?

Hi folks,


just a quick note that the new publisher of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, FantasyFlightGames, made a new web site for both the WFRP game and the fourm. Her are the links:


FantasyFlightGames home page:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay sub page:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Forum:


Oh, and you have to re-register, if you were registered to the old FFG forum.





Google Empire – in less than an hour

Hi guys,

here’s a step-by-step guide to create your own deep-zoom-able map of The Empire “Google Earth”-style using a large-scale map of the Empire (like I did) plus any city map that you can get your hands on.

(a) Collect a large map of the Empire and any large city map you can get and save these to your local hard drive. For example, downloadable large maps of the following cities can be easily found on the web: Middenheim, Praag, Erengrad, Kislev, Talabheim, Salzenmund, plus others…

(b) Download and install the Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer at

(c) Start this nice software and create a New Project. Name it according to your wishes.

(d) A new project window opens up and you’ll find yourself in the Import layer. Now, please import all your nice maps by clicking on the “Add Image” button. Start with the Empire map.

(e) After you added all of your maps, you can see them in the thumnail list on the right. Now, switch to the COMPOSE layer and drag’n’drop the big Empire map into the empty space.

(f) Before you drag and drop any further maps, scale and position the map according to the screen dimensions you like best.

(g) Now, get used to the controls at the lower end of the screen. By clicking on the “Hand” you can navigate on the map, by clicking the magnifier glass, you can zoom into the map.

(h) Now, navigate to first city that you have added a map for and zoom to a level where you can see the city icon on the map filling the whole screen.

(i) Drag’n’drop the map of that city onto the city icon and position and resize it according to your wishes. Note: I find it best, if the map does NOT cover all of the city icon, but only a small part, so that the original flair of the big Empire map is preserved.

(j) Now, zoom out of the map and repeat steps (h) and (i) with all cities and maps that you have.

(k) Make sure in the “Layer View” on the “Compose” screen, the city map layers are above the Empire map (which is the case, if you work according to this guide).

(l) Switch to the Export screen.

(m) Choose “Silverlight Export” on the upper right part of the Export screen.

(n) Choose a name for the Silverlight map. Best practise: “Only use numbers, letters and space.” No minus, or other special chars here, especially if you choose to export to PhotoZoom instead !

(o) Choose an Export location path – and note it down.

(p) On “Image Type”, choose “Export as Composition” and leave “PNG” as Image Format.

(q) As for “Output Type”, choose “Export Images and Silverlight project”.

(r) Click the “Export” button.

(s) After successful export, you may click on “Preview in Browser” or just say “Close”.

(s) Save your project by clicking “File” menu -> “Save Project”.

(t) Close the program.

(u) You can find your Google-style zoomable map under the path you chose:

   …\<name of the project>\DeepZoomProjectWeb\ClientBin\DeepZoomProjectTestPage.html

(v) As long as you keep the structure of this project Dir together, you can move this even to other computers.

(w) Navigating the Silverlight zoom-able image. Left-click means zoom-in. SHIFT+Left-click means zoom-out. Left-Click+Move-Mouse means navigate the map.

(x) Here you go. “Google Warhammer” in less than half-an-hour time. 😉

(y) Remember to keep this map for your own private use only if you use copyright material here !!!

(z) Leave your comments at



Zoom in on the Empire

Hi folks,

I am very sorry, that my life kept me from doing any updates for this blog.

I did some experimenting on zooming in and out of WFRP maps and found a cool’n’easy (!) way for everybody to use this.

You can find out what I did within a few minutes if you visit this web page:

I would love to hear your comments on this blog and I would even more love to inspire you to use it in your own way.