Top ten signs that you are a WFRP fan

Top Ten signs that you are a WFRP fan:

#10 – Everytime you meet a person with a German surname, you keep asking him where the hidden pun is in his name.

#9 – When discussion comes to historical maps of Great Britain you insist that the Albion map from an ancient White Dwarf magazine must be considered.

#8 – When you local wheather station forecasts fog, you think of Fimir.

#7 – While the counsel for the prosecution pleads, you ask your attorney if you are allowed to use a fate point instead.

#6 – You’re against animal experiments with rats as you think these were responsible to produce Skaven.

#5 – You laugh at all the idiots who think that Area 51 is America’s top state secret. Instead you wonder how they managed to hide the Apollo astronauts’ mutations who landed on the moon and brought Warpstone back to earth.

#4 – In a serious letter you warned Laurence Tureaud (who is playing Mr. T in the TV series A-Team) from getting recorded in the Book of Grudges for pretending to be the first black Giant Slayer.

#3 – As our WFRP publisher stops production of WFRP material and since you are getting used to this you create an adventure plot from it.

#2 – In your local travel agency you ask for pleasant holiday resorts near Castle Wittgenstein or if you need to have any identity papers if you travel to the world Edge Mountains.

#1 – You get fired from work when your boss notices that you are asking your colleagues to take part in your current The Enemy Within campaign.

Oliver Rosenkranz

WFRP veteran and host of

P.S.: Have fun…


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