Plot making at its best/worst/weirdest…

Hello folks,

I posted this to the BI WFRP forum, as I have still to learn that I could use the weblog for that…

Top Ten signs of a WFRP fan:
#3 – Your WFRP publisher stops production of WFRP material and since you are getting used to this you make a plot out of this.
Sounds strange?
Well, here we go…
After a decision of the city council has been proclaimed to stop publication of “Middenheimer Zeitung” – a monthly newspaper – since all writers will be needed to write and copy the Imperial Army chronicles (by an emperor decree), the intellectual minority of the city is in moderate civil disturbance (well, those who actually can read and have some money left to spend on !!! paper !!!). By now, normal folks don’t care much (if at all), since they cannot read all this wish-wash and they get better (ie. more related) news from their neighbour or at the weekly market.
But of course, Bruno Schreihals, a local agitator, recently took advantage from this. Seeking personal fame and seeing a chance to outpace his old rival Gregor Gernegross, he is trying his best to gather forces to overcome this decision. Two of the soon-to-be-closed gazette’s authors secretly write most of his pamphlets and Bruno is using his talents as an Agitator to cause civil uprise among the city’s population. Right now, he’s becoming more and more popular, but not quite popular enough to draw attention on himself by Middenheim’s law.
Of course, Gregor cannot stand back and watch the rising popularity of Bruno. So, he’s trying to find a clever way of reviling Bruno while capturing his topic and his popularity.
What only few people know: There’s more behind the city coucil’s recent decision than meets the eye. One of the council’s members has a half-brother whose business plans got hampered by an article written by Theodor von Taktstock. Theodor – unaware of what his article had caused – wrote a series of articles about the city guard and their equipment. The last article contained mild criticism on the guard’s weaponry (poor quality of short swords) and Bert Brichtleicht – the aforementioned half brother of one of the members of the city coucil – had delivered those short swords few years ago. The city guard captain postponed a new to-be-signed contract with him about delivering further weoponry. He first want a guarantee that the weapons will be of a certain quality.
So, Bert influenced his half-brother and they used an Imperial decree that every city has to “deliver” a number of writers to the army to help in an “Imperial Army chronicles” project to stop Theodor from writing further articles. Bert plans to take care of Theodor in a more final manner later on.
His very next step will be trying to get rid of the city guard captain’s demand either by cleverly bribing him or to – even more cleverly – bringing him to fall by accusing him of not being competent enough as he’s not catching those agitators.
How you let the PC’s step in is up to you… but you may add further sub-plots, create NPCs to your liking, or do something completely different….
…. but maybe you want to write about this here?!
** weirdo mode off **
Oliver Rosenkranz
WFRP veteran

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